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  • Reviews and Recommendations (Revs & Recs), I spent years writing reviews for tv shows and movies, not to mention had a good fair share of interviews as press (round tables, and 1:1) during San Diego Comic-Con from 2010-2017. Now that I’ve had some time away due to work and family, I’m ready to slowly return back. I will be reviewing the following: books, movies, streaming content, music, and TV series. If you have a book, a show, or project you’d like for me to review please contact me.
  • Vision Boards and Visuals, I’m collecting a vision board in Pinterest for images that relate to characters and stories. I will also be including character specs for potential stories as well that will have pictures.
  • World Building, As I work on various projects right now, I will be researching a lot of content. Along the way I discover some pretty cool articles on language, folklore, and history. I will call these posts In A World: (insert subject).

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