Passion Projects & Predilections

Right now it feels like the United States is on the verge of utter madness with riots, curfews, and quarantine. My only solace is focusing on my passion projects, creative works in progress.

Writers have different ways to prepare for a story. Some delve straight into writing without reference material while others like myself need to world build and research their chosen subject matter. Because I use the first person narrative when I tell a story, it is important for me to understand the thought process and motivations of the characters implicitly. I feel the compulsion, and need to have the layout and ground work done first. I liken the experience to method actors who prepare for a role, and in my case it’s Heath Ledger (Joker) level. Once I have my set idea in mind, the world building and reference material becomes my arsenal of tools for when I navigate through the major plot points.

Currently, I have the list of topics I am researching. I don’t want to give away too many details about the plot of stories since they are subject to change one in a while. For now these are some of the things I’m researching:

  • History
    • Battle for Manila
  • Fringe Science
    • Vile Vortices
  • Folklore
    • Tsimshian mythology
    • Undredal
    • The Tall Man
    • Chavacano
  • Spirituality
    • Nephilim, Purgatory
  • Location(s)
    • Valley of Fire
    • Seven Sisters
    • Isauria
    • Hartley Bay
    • Black Rock Desert

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